Nightcaps - improve your sleep with our 100% vegan and non-addictive caps
Nightcaps - improve your sleep with our 100% vegan and non-addictive caps
Nightcaps - improve your sleep with our 100% vegan and non-addictive caps
Allergen Free!
100% organic
100% vegan
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Your Favorite Nightcap!

Sleep faster and better with our unique formula.

Difficulty falling asleep or waking up frequently? Tried everything without success? Then it's time for Nightcap by Curocaps. Our carefully formulated formula, packed with natural ingredients with scientifically proven benefits, guarantees deep sleep.

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Discover the effective effects of our Nightcap? Order now our Nightcaps (10 caps per box) for only € 11.90 instead of € 15.90.

That way you can discover right away what our nutritional supplement can do for your sleep. Without subscription or further obligations!

The benefits of our Nightcaps at a glance:

A faster and deeper night's sleep

The natural sleep hormone melatonin makes you fall asleep faster.

More energy

A deep sleep is not only healthy, it also gives you more energy.

Relax to the fullest

The added lemon balm provides a relaxing and relaxing feeling.

Feel fitter and healthier

A good night's sleep contributes to your physical and mental well-being.
Our best ambassadors?

Satisfied users

Very easy and pleasant evening ritual & super effective, very happy with this discovery!
We ourselves are really fans of the Nightcap, it works really well and has allowed us, as busy entrepreneurs, to relax in the evening in a healthy and effective way and catch that much needed sleep.
René & Hilde
Really liked it, I now drink this every night instead of my chamomile tea. Lovely sleep.
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developed out of necessity

A stunning effect

No, the Nightcap didn't just happen. One of the founders of Curocaps had been struggling with a sleep problem for some time. Countless attempts - without much success later - he decided to look for the optimal formula himself. After a 2-year search, the balanced formula was worked out in the lab, tested and approved.

Louis is now enjoying a great night's sleep and wants to share this experience with the whole world. Sleeping well makes you function better and simply makes you happier. Just ask Louis!

Nightcaps - improve your sleep with our 100% vegan and non-addictive caps

Handy caps, compatible with your Nespressso machine.

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Choose between 2 delicious flavors; Orange Vanilla or Green Tea.

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Sleep faster with our unique formula, non-addictive and 100% vegan.

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No Problem!

No Nespresso® machine at home? No prob! Order our Nightcap starter kit and we'll deliver a brand new appliance to your home, free and for nothing. A device that will not only allow you to brew our Nightcap, but serve cups of coffee just as well.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

No, our Nightcaps are not addictive. They contain natural ingredients so no addiction can occur, nor will you experience a "hangover effect" the next morning. Our formula contributes to a deep night's sleep so you wake up energized.
Our Nightcaps can be perfectly used in your current Nespresso® machine. So you actually give your existing appliance a second use. If you don't have a machine, we have the starter kit for you. This way you get a quality Nespresso® machine for free.
Our formula is scientifically based and this in collaboration with the renowned orthomolecular doctor Peter Aelbrecht. As a doctor, he has more than 30 years of experience in developing nutritional supplements. Of course, we have the necessary certificates.
We recommend a maximum of 3 Nightcaps per evening. Drink your Nightcap preferably half an hour before you go to bed.
You will experience the effect of the Nightcap after only 3 days of use. For an optimal and long-lasting effect, we recommend a course of 2 months.
Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain. It plays an essential role in the taste-wake cycle. Due to a lot of circumstances in daily life, sometimes not enough melatonin is produced, resulting in poor sleep. Additional melatonin can help against jet lag and sleep problems.
The Nightcap has a pleasant orange and vanilla flavor.
A standard package contains 10 cups.
Yes, here you can discover our subscription packages.
All Curocaps are produced in a Belgian laboratory.

The best natural ingredients for healthy, deep sleep

A good night's sleep is not for everyone. Stress, screens, ... there are numerous reasons why we don't sleep well. However, sufficient sleep is essential for your health. During deep sleep you replenish your energy levels, so that you can start again the next morning. Do you sometimes feel sluggish due to a lack of sleep, but don't feel the need for sleeping pills? Then we have the perfect solution for you: Nightcap.

After all, we combine melatonin, the natural sleep hormone already present in your body, with natural ingredients such as hops, passiflora and lemon balm. These are all elements with a scientifically proven effect on sleep. So you are assured of a refreshing night's sleep and days brimming with energy.

Our ingredients highlighted one by one

Stress, screens, ... plenty of causes that cause poor sleep. NIGHTCAP contains the optimal dose of melatonin. The natural sleep hormone whose effect has long been scientifically proven. Physical or psychological factors that hinder sleep are thus flattened out.
Hops and passiflora have been used for decades to help you sleep better. In our pared-down formula, they come into their own.
Lemon balm has a relaxing effect and calms the mind. Necessary to sleep well. Moreover, you wake up rested, without the unpleasant feeling that sleep medications bring.

Easy to set, lightning fast recording

We put our formula in a convenient Nespresso® capsule. So forget about swallowing pills and take a moment for yourself. Insert the capsule half an hour before bedtime, relax and feel the peace come over you. The ingredients are absorbed quickly, allowing you to feel sleep coming on and enjoy a great sleep within half an hour.

You will notice the results after only about 3 days, but we recommend a course of 2 months for optimal results. Take that moment for yourself, drink your Nightcap and experience the effect yourself. Time to wake up reborn!

The contents of our capsules are vegan, so everyone can enjoy a better night's sleep. What's more, you also get the most out of your Nespresso® machine, because you don't have to buy a new one at all