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Easy to set, lightning fast recording

We put our formula in a convenient Nespresso® capsule. So forget about swallowing pills and take a moment for yourself. Insert the capsule half an hour before bedtime, relax and feel the peace come over you. The ingredients are absorbed quickly, allowing you to feel sleep coming on and enjoy a great sleep within half an hour.

You will notice the results after only about 3 days, but we recommend a course of 2 months for optimal results. Take that moment for yourself, drink your Nightcap and experience the effect yourself. Time to wake up reborn!

The contents of our capsules are vegan, so everyone can enjoy a better night's sleep. What's more, you also get the most out of your Nespresso® machine, because you don't have to buy a new one at all

Our ingredients highlighted one by one

Stress, screens, ... plenty of causes that cause poor sleep. NIGHTCAP contains the optimal dose of melatonin. The natural sleep hormone whose effect has long been scientifically proven. Physical or psychological factors that hinder sleep are thus flattened out.
Hops and passiflora have been used for decades to help you sleep better. In our pared-down formula, they come into their own.
Lemon balm has a relaxing effect and calms the mind. Necessary to sleep well. Moreover, you wake up rested, without the unpleasant feeling that sleep medications bring.

The best natural ingredients for healthy, deep sleep

A good night's sleep is not for everyone. Stress, screens, ... there are numerous reasons why we don't sleep well. However, sufficient sleep is essential for your health. During deep sleep you replenish your energy levels, so that you can start again the next morning. Do you sometimes feel sluggish due to a lack of sleep, but don't feel the need for sleeping pills? Then we have the perfect solution for you: Nightcap.

After all, we combine melatonin, the natural sleep hormone already present in your body, with natural ingredients such as hops, passiflora and lemon balm. These are all elements with a scientifically proven effect on sleep. So you are assured of a refreshing night's sleep and days brimming with energy.