Daily routine, higher compliance

Combine your daily routine with your necessary dose of vitamins and minerals. Curocaps are tasty, healthy and convenient.

Internally & externally tested

Curocaps works closely together with many reputable scientists. Much of our expertise is in-house. For certain matters, we call on external accredited laboratories.

New and safe technology

We have developed this method of taking dietary supplements to replace the traditional pills that are often forgotten or difficult to swallow.

Enjoyment moment

Enjoy carefree life from now on with food supplements that work just as well as traditional food supplements.

Years of scientific research

Years of scientific research have led to a new and safe way of taking dietary supplements. And that in biodegradable capsules!

Numerous formulas

With 1 capsule per formula per day, you get all the necessary support that dietary supplements have to offer.

Science-based benefits

The Curocaps have a proven therapeutic effect. Dr. Peter Aelbrecht wrote the formulas and has 30 years of experience in orthomolecular medicine and in the development of formulas for the (para)pharmaceutical industry. He is also the author of the bestseller Homo Energeticus.

Cooperation is in our nature

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